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 There are many reasons why a person is driven to consume those unwarranted extra calories that get stored as fat.  It is safe to say that emotions are a predominant driver of this behavior towards food.

 Many of us gravitate towards eating mindlessly when we feel sad, nervous, stressed, anxious, bored, or even happy.

 In my program, I strive to help my clients achieve a certain clarity and focus when they face this kind of adversity.  Together we work through these emotional hurdles and learn to stop using food as our comfort crutch.  Via certain exercises and calculations, we use our logical, rational mind to deal with Emotional Eating, and successfully free ourselves from its negative consequences.



We are all creatures of habit and sometimes fall prey to patterns of behavior that can hinder or jeopardize our goals.  This can be especially true when it comes to exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating.

We set goals, but only follow them partially.  Halfway through our agenda, we lose motivation and commitment and revert back (for the hundredth time!) to our old destructive habits.

In my program, we work together on taking baby steps towards life style changes and get used to one change before taking on another.  This method ensures stability of progress and allows for the first change to settle into a habit before making the second change part of our routine.

Just as bad habits become part of our daily lives, good habits can do the same.  We can change our counterproductive life style to one that brings with it refreshing, positive results and helps us achieve our goals.



 There are so many options available to us when it comes to choosing our food.  Learning more about the variety of choices and being aware of the caloric differences between unhealthy foods and the nutritious, energy-giving fare, allows us to ultimately make the optimal decision.

 In my program, we learn how to read and understand food labels and nutrition facts; we learn how to discern between healthy and unhealthy ingredients; and we learn how to utilize foods via proper food combining to achieve normal insulin secretion (which helps us avoid an onset of cravings later on).

 My program also provides information and guidance regarding the use and effect of vitamins and supplements, taking the guess work out of this rather confusing aspect of nutrition.